Pros And Cons Of Electronic Health Record Systems


Computers have simplified our lives and made work faster and accurate. The medical industry is also adapting to the use of the computer to keep and track patient medical records. When a patient sees a doctor, the physician will retrieve information from you to know your medical history. The medical information could include previous diseases of the patient, familial association with the current illness the patient is being treated for and previous laboratory tests.  Such information can be stored in digital format as individual’s electronic health record.

Any medical administration should make centralization of and digital storage of patients’ medical record a priority. The need for paperwork is eliminated, and the project has proven to be economical. Embracing electronic health records comes with some advantages and disadvantages:

Better storage. The massive amount of medical data can be stored in a digital format which utilizes a small space compared to the file storage seen in the pen and paper system. Visit this site!

Information can be easily retrieved. The digital format allows data to be extracted faster and efficiently saving time and energy. The medical records workers can then be deployed to other positions considering that the patients’ information is only a mouse click away.

Digital storage of the patients’ medical history has helped in reducing malpractice insurance premiums. Electronic health records are accurate and legible documentation and have lowered insurance premium malpractices on institutions. In case of litigation, the patient information can be quickly followed and can make a difference in the case outcome in ambiguous scenarios. For more information about the pros and cons of Electronic Health Records system, check out

Improved level of medical attention. Since the medical records of a patient can be accessed faster by the doctor, the patient can be attended to quicker and provide medical care promptly.

Accurate and confidential record keeping. Electronic health records have allowed patients’ privacy maintenance and accurate keeping of their medical records. It also shows who access to the patient’s information, when the data was accessed and by whom. In case there are any changes, you can find out who altered and when.

However, apart from the efficiency that comes with the electronic health records, the loss of data from the electronic malfunctioning can be very devastating. Implementation of the new system is still slow as the workers in the medical fraternity have to adjust to the digital way of storing patient data. The digital conversion of information from paper storage is an expensive procedure. In spite of these cons, electronic health care system has made it easier for healthcare practitioners and staffs to achieve their objectives, check it out!


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